Extend Your Reach

A QR code represents a revolutionary new way for your business or chosen premises to be seen and engaged with by customers. At Virtual 360 we can create a customer sticker for you featuring a QR code that will take the consumer straight to your virtual 360 tour, all from the convenience and comfort of their own mobile phone! All they have to do is simply scan the code using the camera on their phone.

This powerful technology allows you to considerably extend your reach, since we can place the QR code on posters, flyers or postcards. They can additionally be used to take customers to your website or social media pages. The use of QR codes demonstrates that your business is both adaptable and tech-savvy, since this modern approach has garnered the attention of many consumers, particularly the younger adult audience.

Having your virtual 360 tour accessible at any time by such simple means is a game-changer. Whereas before such technological convenience was only possible via your desktop, now we have a portable way of communicating with your customers. Free, easy, and cheap to use!