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We provide a stunning visual aid to market any location, attraction, destination or building you are trying to rent, sell or simply get people to visit.

We proudly work alongside BSH, the largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe. With 39 factories worldwide and with 60,000 employees at their disposal, BHS has continued to provide us with the knowledge and experience needed within the industry of capturing only the best visuals for showrooms across the UK. With outstanding home appliances and useful digital services, BHS and ourselves at Virtual 360 Tours meets the needs of our consumers. We are proud to work alongside this leading global company in our industry of work.

Your showroom is always open

By using a virtual tour on your website to portray your showroom, your business will never be closed, as this will be available 24/7, 365 for any potential customer or client to view.  Statistically, companies and businesses with virtual tours have visitors to the site stay longer, so why wouldn’t you want this extra traffic and website visits? As well as keeping customers on your site longer, a virtual tour has proven to help with SEO of your site, improving the lead generation for your business and even increase your sales. The tours help with the customer journey giving your customer the opportunity to build trust with your company and make buying decisions before even contacting you.

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See what the Virtual 360 Tours can do!

After a single consultation and some technical pictures with the Matterport 360 Camera, your home or business can look as great online as it does in person.

With studies showing that up to 70% of the buying decision being made before a prospect even contacts your company, a virtual tour is a fantastic way to engage and make a great impression with prospective customers. These virtual tours that Virtual 360 Tours Glos Ltd and Scott Currie have produced are truly exceptional and I’m delighted that a large number of our retail partners have taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity to improve their website and digital offering. I honestly believe that before long, the majority of KBB retailers who have a website will also have a Virtual Tour.

Tristan Sherlock

We are over the moon with our virtual tour that Scott at virtual360toursglos created for us; not only did it become invaluable during lockdown with our clients being able to still explore our showroom when they physically could not. But it has also enabled our clients to view our showroom before visiting so they can appreciate what we have to offer before even walking through the front door ! Scott is always willing to help, and the outcome of our tour is extremely professional. We can’t wait to have Scott back to re do some parts of our tour after having some renovations!

Peter Ream

Scott at virtual360tours was fantastic from start to finish. Taking the time to understand fully our needs and deliver a fantastic solution. The team turned up on time, worked courteously with the store teams to ensure they weren’t inconvenienced and even delivered a few additional extra touches. Fantastic from start to finish…. Flawless service from start to completion and we have seen really strong engagement and customer interaction since going live.

Ian Penney



Unique Visitors

{Scott provided my company with an amazing 360 virtual tour. Creating the tour was a simple process made easier by Scott’s state of the art equipment. We invested a lot of time in producing the end result, and with Scott’s help and patience we are proud of the end result. Our virtual tour is commented on a lot and has helped to generate the business a great many sales. I and my team would highly recommend using Scott. Really happy with the virtual tour and the results are awesome.
Jonathon Wood, Inspired Design

We Use Industry

Leading Technology

Quality Assured

Especially with the work we do, it is a necessity to own the latest, most up to date technology to capture the rooms and workshops we capture. With the Matterport camera, we produce professional photo resolution, capturing everything in high-quality 3D, with unlimited 4K print quality.

This industry favourite piece of equipment will guarantee an excellent job with every capture, being pinpoint in both interior and exterior areas. Our 3D space capturing Matterport camera transforms real-life spaces into immersive digital twin models. So much more than panoramic scans, the Matterport empowers us to capture and connect rooms to create truly interactive 3D models of spaces for your business’ needs and requirements. Perhaps you need to showcase an apartment you have listed? Or you are selling a kitchen within a showroom? We can capture every single last detail you require!

Our Key Features

Having your workshop, business premises or a house online available to view through a 360 tour will help those online view these places before they can go to the location itself. The experience is totally immersive providing a stunning visual aid to any place (no matter the location, attraction, destination or building you are trying to rent, sell or simply get people to visit).

Do not worry, we provide more than just a virtual tour! We can provide you with ultra 4K high-resolution images for you to use at your disposal. These could be used for anything within your business, giving you the best imagery of the space you are showcasing. We can also provide a short promo video for your business, giving you a walkthrough of the premises without having to click through the rooms yourself.

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Extend Your Reach

A QR code represents a revolutionary new way for your business or chosen premises to be seen and engaged with by customers. At Virtual 360 we can create a customer sticker for you featuring a QR code that will take the consumer straight to your virtual 360 tour, all from the convenience and comfort of their own mobile phone! All they have to do is simply scan the code using the camera on their phone.

This powerful technology allows you to considerably extend your reach, since we can place the QR code on posters, flyers or postcards. They can additionally be used to take customers to your website or social media pages. The use of QR codes demonstrates that your business is both adaptable and tech-savvy, since this modern approach has garnered the attention of many consumers, particularly the younger adult audience.

Having your virtual 360 tour accessible at any time by such simple means is a game-changer. Whereas before such technological convenience was only possible via your desktop, now we have a portable way of communicating with your customers. Free, easy, and cheap to use!

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