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Why do I need a virtual tour?

Perhaps you are a shop owner of an independent business and want to showcase your store to potential customers using a 360 tour. Not only will a virtual tour enhance your visibility online, but it will only increase your Google search results, meaning more people will be actively visiting your website and using this interactive source of marketing. Virtual tours keep people on your website 5-10X longer than they would without a tour, as this engaging feature brings life to your website.

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Because virtual tours are popping up on business listings websites more as the popularity of the feature begins to grow, more and more customers expect them. According to Google, most people want virtual tours today, with 67% of those saying they want a virtual tour when looking at a business they want to visit.

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Always room for improvement

You may be a new retail business, or you may have been in the same shop for decades, there is always room for improvement of your business through the use a virtual tour. By keeping up to date using the latest technology, customers are more likely to trust your business, with this visual proof of your shop giving your retail environment more credibility.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Especially if your competitors are also active online and have a website of their own, stay ahead of the curve by upgrading your online presence today through using a virtual tour. Customers will trust your business and your services more than those who are not using the latest technology.

Is your showroom part of the BSH Group?