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When it comes to choosing a venue for a special day or occasion, customers need to make sure the location is perfect for them and their celebration. Especially among the younger generation between 18-34, they are statistically more likely to marry in this age range and celebrate their younger years more often. There is no wonder why this age range love virtual tour experiences, with millennials more likely to book a venue, hotel or use a service if the business has a virtual tour (47% booking increase).

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customers’ attention

Potential customers constantly require more information, most of the time without having to search too much. If that need is not fulfilled instantly, they will move on the next website that might be more useful. 360 virtual tours have become a part of life now.

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Google Search appearance

Especially when it comes to a quick search of your venue, when a business has a virtual tour tied to their Google My Business listing, Google will display those 360 thumbnails over traditional photography. With Google telling your audience straight away that there is a virtual tour to be used for that location, this will increase the experience for any customer, as they can freely look around the venue of choice before visiting/booking for a special occasion.