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A commercial building could contain one or more of many types of businesses, including retailers, restaurants, offices or manufacturing. If this relates to you, then you should be utilising a virtual tour. Customers want to view the place in which they want to spend their time and money, so show them using the best technology there is!

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The use of a well-built virtual tour not only will keep a visitor longer on your website, but will bring him/her back again in the future. For the commercial business sectors located all around the UK, it is key to repeat your business with these customers. Viewers have full control over the 360° walk-through experience, exploring every inch of the space in detail. They can navigate around the building, room by room and get an immersive feel for the space and layout.

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Especially if your commercial setting requires bookings (restaurants, cocktail bars, barbers…etc) then a virtual tour will make up the mind of the customer. Visual appearance is highly important for all of these businesses, so if customers can view this online through this immersive experience, they are more likely to act.