Preparing for your virtual 360° tour photoshoot is absolutely crucial in making sure that you get the quality results you’re after. Since virtual tours will often demonstrate the first impression that an individual has of your premises, it is your responsibility to make sure that the property is well-prepared and ready for the Matterport camera to capture your virtual tour! Since every property is different, not all preparation will be the same; however, there are things we can all do to make sure our property is prepared as it possibly can be.

Closing off common areas

Virtual tours are only best viewed without any large crowds of people in there, or ideally with no people at all. If the property is an apartment or a hotel, send notice to guests and residents before that common areas will be closed off for a given period of time. Posting signs to let people know not to enter is always a good idea in this case. Also important is asking tenants to make sure patios or balconies are as clear as possible.

If the property is a store or restaurant, consider shooting footage of the property early in the morning before opening, ensuring the sun is out and shots are free of people.


This may seem like an obvious fact, but decluttering is here because it’s probably the most important! Clearing desk, tables, and countertops of all things that might get in the way of a great shot is absolutely vital. Make sure that any boxes you might have are stored out of sight where possible. Store away anything miscellaneous that isn’t required for your virtual tour.

Cleaning from top to bottom

This should be go without saying, but even the smallest bit of dust or stain will be captured if it isn’t cleaned. Dusting all available surfaces and opening a window for fresh articulation of air is also important. Checking all pillows, furniture, and linens for any stains is also recommended, and anything that looks cracked or broken can be repaired ideally.

Checking electronics and lights

During your virtual tour, you’re not going to want light bulbs that are out or flickering in the shot. It’s important then to make sure that all your lights are working as they should. If the shoot is in the evening, makes sure you have your interior lights on for any exterior shots so that the property is nicely illuminated.


Arranging décor to look more visually appealing is key. Frames, lamp shades and wall art should be as straight as possible. Placing décor in a place that makes the most sense is always advisable. Avoid putting up any seasonal décor (Halloween, Christmas) as this will badly date the virtual tour.

Checking over everything

Finally, do one last check over everything before your photoshoot so that the camera can catch any areas you might have missed while undertaking prep and staging. Standing in the middle of the room and slowly spinning around is usually a good way to get an idea of what to look out for. Look out for anything that seems out of place.

 Virtual 360 Tours make totally immersive virtual reality tours created for your business or property. We provide stunning visual aids to market any location, attraction, destination or building you are trying to rent, sell or simply get people to visit. Using the Matterport 360 camera, we can create pinpoint accurate 3D tours through both interior and exterior areas.

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