As markets have become increasingly competitive, marketing strategies themselves have also become more diversified in nature. It’s important for businesses to choose multiple avenues to market their business as effectively possible. A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of virtual 360 tour experiences to deliver educational and promotional marketing approaches. With the right virtual tour, from the right company, you can achieve many of the marketing goals listed below.

Increased brand awareness

Because virtual tours are naturally engaging, and allow a potential audience to immerse themselves entirely in your space, they give your customers a much better idea of what kind of business you are, what you stand for, and what your brand is all about. This can all be achieved in a much more succinct and effective fashion than if you were to use a simple picture, graphic, or several words. It’s important to remember that visuals are absolutely vital for successful marketing.

Building a competitive advantage

Building your competitive advantage can come in many forms. In building a competitive advantage through the use of virtual tours, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions.

  • How many of your competitors have a virtual experience that is like yours?
  • How many of your competitors can leverage their virtual tour in a way that engages and convinces your audience?
  • Do they use their virtual tour to only highlight the physical space, or additionally in ways that demonstrate how the physical space is unique?
  • Does the virtual tour tell a story about the brand?

There’s a good chance you won’t be able to answer yes to all of these questions, and this therefore opens the possibility to build a competitive advantage.

Improving reputation of your brand

Your brand is essentially what your audience perceives you to be. A virtual tour can play an essential role in improving the reputation of your brand, which could be crucial. Here are a few examples of how virtual tours can improve brand reputation:

  • In the higher education sector, virtual tours can help you demonstrate that your campus offers plenty of space for students to explore.
  • In the hospitality sector, a virtual tour is capable of showing off leisure spaces, such as your conference area or pool.
  • In the logistics sector, the same kind of tour is capable of showcasing your warehouse space, along with efficient ways of space planning.

 Rise in physical visitations

If your business is reliant on physical visits from potential customers, a virtual tour can actually allow you to accomplish this. In higher education, for example, virtual tours have been shown to increase in-person campus visits. This is because they offer a potential audience a taste of what they can come to expect if they do visit, rather than someone not having any idea what they are going to see, and so consequently not bothering to come.

Customer loyalty

It’s important not to limit your virtual tour to your customers or prospective clients. Your current customers can also benefit here. If your marketing goal involves boosting customer loyalty, your virtual tour can help in a few main ways:

  • Provide exclusive access, perhaps to spaces that your current customers are not familiar with.
  • Learn about fresh facts relating to your business, such as customer benefits shown visually through the tour or sustainability on campus.
  • Build possibilities for interaction, allowing your customers to provide their suggestions for future improvements of both the physical space and the tour.

Virtual 360 Tours make totally immersive virtual reality tours created for your business or property. We provide stunning visual aids to market any location, attraction, destination or building you are trying to rent, sell or simply get people to visit. Using the Matterport 360 camera, we can create pinpoint accurate 3D tours through both interior and exterior areas.

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