At Virtual 360 Tours we can guarantee an assurance of quality for our customers through our use of the Matterport camera, considered the gold standard in professional 3D technological capture. Within a single capture, you can receive everything your business needs to inspect, redesign or market a real-world environment of your choice. But what makes the camera so special? Why is it so important to us at Virtual 360? Read on as we explore in detail.

The basics

The Matterport generates highly detailed and accurate schematic floor blueprints and plans. It does all this in outstanding 3D quality with additional unlimited 4K quality print photography. This means that your interaction with the Matterport’s imagery will not only be powerfully meticulous but rendered with your aesthetic desires in mind. Testament to this is the fact that Matterport have honed this immersive experience for an array of clients; from Fortune 500 Companies down to specific individuals, impressively located in more than 150 countries.

Quality assurance

For Virtual 360, this kind of quality assurance is absolutely paramount. Creating 3D models is what we do best, and the automated features of the Matterport camera eliminate the complexity and physical precision needed when creating 3D models manually. The dimensional accuracy of the models we provide at Virtual 360 enables brilliantly exact measurements for estimating and planning purposes. Tags can even be embedded within the model to highlight particularly noteworthy elements and the model can be freely edited from your iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer. This kind of customisation is extremely important for us when it comes to creating a customer-specific experience, and one we hope you will enjoy!

How the Matterport can help you

The Matterport camera allows Virtual 360 to equip you with a fully immersive and interactive customer experience by providing a stunning visual aid for any environment of your choice, regardless of cost, destination, attraction, or location. Not only can this help showcase your business or selected premises to a larger audience, but it can also help us to depict you or your brand as a contemporary outlet utilising remarkably innovative visual technology. In an increasingly digital landscape across all sectors, this is going to become an unbelievably important asset. When you consider the way that modernisation attracts a younger audience as well, then it seems especially vital – you can begin to see why the Matterport is so important to us!


But that’s not all! Alongside our incredible 360 tours the Matterport can also provide us with ultra 4K high-resolution images for you to use in any way you feel fit. These could, for example, be extremely beneficial when used for promotional purposes as media items for you or your business. When it comes to marketing online, professional-quality photographs will be an invaluable asset that could transform your digital marketing approach.

If people see that you have taken the time and effort to present your premises or chosen environment in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way, they are far more likely to show engagement in your enterprise. These photos can also be used to build your brand on social media, or alternatively for blog posts; both of which are guaranteed to drive audience retention and future success.

Virtual 360 Tours make totally immersive virtual reality tours created for your business or property. We provide stunning visual aids to market any location, attraction, destination or building you are trying to rent, sell or simply get people to visit. Using the Matterport 360 camera, we can create pinpoint accurate 3D tours through both interior and exterior areas.

Take a look at our website for more information or give us a call on 07973 419 933 – we’d be delighted to hear from you!