The remarkable advances in digital photography and virtual imaging in recent times has revolutionised the way we can access and interact with different environments, especially from a marketing perspective. Because nearly any business can benefit from a virtual tour, they are becoming increasingly popular among many business owners who want to improve their digital marketing presence. Seeing the relevant statistics related to the virtual tours is a great way to explore the various benefits to this method of marketing.

  1. Return on investment

The return on investment for business-minded virtual imaging has been impressively estimated at less than four weeks. Unlike other marketing approaches that may take as much as months to prove their return on investment, those businesses that use virtual tours often see results much faster than those who do not. Virtual tours can provide something unique to your brand in a way that few other marketing initiatives are capable of doing.

  1. Website retention

One of the most powerful statistics we have on virtual tours is centred around the fact that virtual tours can keep individuals on your website as much as 5 to 10 times longer than alternatives. This is fantastic for improving brand image and loyalty, and making sure customers stick around to continue viewing what your business has to offer.

  1. Real estate listings

Real estate listings that include a virtual tour of the home get around 87% more views. Virtual tours have become an essential part of the real estate marketing experience because they provide the benefits of a house tour with the interactivity included. Listings that include virtual tours are going to be instantly more attractive to potential customers because they provide the kind of added detail that can make the difference between choose to invest in a property or not.

  1. Virtual tours demand

Since virtual tours are popping up everywhere from real estate websites to business listings, more and more consumers are beginning to expect the service. Google has reported that as many as two-thirds of people want more virtual tours. 

  1. Virtual tours doubling interest

Optimising your google listing (by making sure it’s complete) leads to an increase in brand reputation, trust and engagement. Naturally then, a business listed with a virtual tour provided will help you double interest in your business. 

  1. Prospects booking

Millennials aged 18-34 are 130% more likely to book a hotel, venue or service based on whether a virtual tour is included to show the premises.

  1. Google favouring virtual images

Google will favour virtual imagery over digital photography with a 2:1 ratio preference in regard to thumbnail display. To put it another way, when a business includes a virtual tour in their Google My Business listings, Google will choose to display those 360 thumbnails over traditional digital photography.                                                                             

  1. Google virtual tours influences

Google virtual tours have shown to have a massive influence on the strength of a business’ listing and how often that business appears during an organically generated search on Maps or Google.

  1. Engagement

There has been shown to be a 12% increase in engagement when Map listings have a virtual tour. This kind of engagement could be vital for your business when you consider that it can make the difference between customer attraction and retention in the long-term.

  1. Brand presence

Matterport themselves have revealed that 90% of its clients have a strong form of brand image and presence within the marketplace. This is exceptionally supportive evidence of the power of virtual 360 tours to revolutionise your marketing approach.

Virtual 360 Tours make totally immersive virtual reality tours created for your business or property. We provide stunning visual aids to market any location, attraction, destination or building you are trying to rent, sell or simply get people to visit. Using the Matterport 360 camera, we can create pinpoint accurate 3D tours through both interior and exterior areas.

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