We’ve talked before about the benefits of virtual tours, in fact you can read our blog on them here. The benefits extend across many industries from events venues, estate agents, property developers, schools, care homes, and even Auction Houses!
In this blog we will look at the top 5 benefits of a virtual tour for auctions.

Save Time on your Auctions

The first, and possibly most crucial benefit to having a virtual tour done for your upcoming auction, is saving time. As everyone knows, time is money, and if you can save time hosting tours of the lots, and indeed your potential buyers time also, that’s a huge advantage!
Hosting a virtual tour of your auctions means you don’t need to arrange in-person visits, so you don’t need a member of staff on site. The tour can be completed within a few hours (depending on the size of the venue/ number of lots), this can also include taking photographs of the items – again saving you valuable time!

Unique Look Inside Feature

A virtual tour gives you the option for a unique ‘look inside’ feature. This feature makes your virtual tour for your auction even more interactive, enabling viewers to look inside items like cabinets.
This not only gives the potential buyer peace of mind at the quality of the item, but this added feature also helps build trust.

Unlimited Item Information Tags

When you choose a virtual tour for your auctions, you have the option of an unlimited number of item tags. These item tags give your potential buyers all the information they need about the lot, including the lot number, estimated value and a description.
Not only that, but the information tags can also include links to external web pages, or even videos. This level of interactivity buts your auction experience for buyers far above the industry standard.

A similar example you can view is a virtual tour of a museum to discover how this works.

Reduce Costs

Another example on how a virtual tour can benefit your auction is by reducing costs. A way in which it can reduce costs is for home auctions where a seller may have many highly valuable items (and often large in size too!) that they wish to list.
By utilising a virtual tour, the auctioneers can allow buyers to view all the items, without intruding someone’s private property and without the added cost of shipping out all the items, only to ship them to the buyers afterwards. Or even, back to the seller if the item is unsold.

No Limitations on Location

By choosing a virtual tour there are no limitations on who can view and buy at your auction. Buyers from all of the world can have the same experience as anyone local who wants to view the lots in detail.

On top of these five benefits, you also have the advantage of being able to market your auction in a variety of different ways using the virtual tour. It also boosts your online views, and time spent on your website. All great ways to get your rankings improved on Google and have more buyers through your door!

If you’d like more information on a virtual tour for your auction, contact us today.