Recruiting can be a difficult game; it’s about so much more than posting a simple job description and hoping for a set of good candidates. Instead, it’s important to get specific. This can be helped massively through the use of virtual tours. If you want to expect top-level candidates to care about their role, it’s important they understand the surrounding area and environment. In an age of virtual recruitment, they can offer a bridge to showcase your physical space.

How virtual tours can showcase the physical space

Words can only do so much to describe an environment that someone moves around in for work. A virtual tour can massively help the process, since it allows you to showcase the structure of the general office area and the layout of the building, break rooms, conference rooms etc.

Virtual tours to communicate the culture

Displaying company culture is among the most important, intangible aspects of the hiring process. Determining the correct ‘culture fit’ is going to be absolutely crucial for the hiring process, for both the prospective employer and the applicant:

  • Hiring can be expensive. Hiring the correct applicant the first time means not having to go through the process all over again and wasting valuable funds.
  • Culture fit is also among the most important factor for any top-level talent presently. In fact, especially among the younger generations, it even matters more than any salary that is received.
  • Satisfied employees, who fit into a certain culture, will tend to be more productive and provide a greater return-on-investment during the process.
  • On the other hand, hired candidates who aren’t a good fit for the culture of your business will tend to perpetuate negativity, dragging down productivity and satisfaction among new co-workers.

In other words, making sure you get the right company culture fit is a crucial part of the process of hiring. It can also be challenging when you simply can’t meet an applicant in person. Here a virtual tour can really help!

Leveraging virtual tours for the area

If you aren’t hiring locally sourced employees, the talent that interviews for your open positions will probably need to relocate. That can be an important factor to have in mind as you look to build out the hiring process and strategise your communication to any prospective candidates.

Even when times are normal, it’s important to have questions about the relocation that will go far beyond the job alone:

  • What is the real estate actually like in the area which I’m moving to?
  • What are the recreational areas and available parks, and how close are they really to residential areas that suit my particular needs?
  • What is the demographic of the communities close to where I’m working?
  • Is there methods of public transportation, and how comprehensive is the actual public transit system?
  • What are the surrounding schools like in the area?
  • How safe are the surrounding neighbourhoods?


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