If you’re a headteacher or a School Business Manager, you may not have even considered a virtual tour for your school. People often think a virtual tour is just for businesses who want to increase their customers, but this isn’t strictly true.

A virtual tour is a way to open your doors to visitors 24/7 365 and give you the opportunity to showcase your school. In this blog we will explore the top 5 reasons on why you should use a virtual tour on your school’s website.

Showcase what makes your School Unique

By using a virtual tour for your school, you can choose to highlight the areas that make your school unique. This can be by using information tags to give descriptions on displays, or certain rooms in the school.

Perhaps you are particularly proud of the school’s library, or computer room. Whatever you want to showcase about your school is made easy with a virtual tour.

A Virtual Tour can help Familiarise People with your School

It’s important for both prospective parents/ carers and pupils to familiarise themselves with the school they are going to attend.

For many children it can be extremely daunting starting a new school, and being able to visit their new classroom, the lunch hall and playground, will help make them feel more comfortable.

Allow your School to Stand out with a Virtual Tour

Often schools will include a selection of photographs on their website, but rarely will the website feature a virtual tour. By adding a virtual tour to your school’s website, you help it stand out against other schools.

An interactive, online tour is more likely to boost your schools online search ranking, meaning it will appear higher up when someone searches online for schools in your area.

Save Time

Headteachers and School Business Managers are already under increasing time pressures, with reduced resources. Reduce the time taken to conduct multiple school tours by hosting a virtual tour on your website.

This means parents/ carers can visit the school site anytime and be more certain that they would like to consider your school for their child or children.

Super Convenient

For some parents and carers, visiting a handful of schools in quick succession can be a challenge. They may have work commitments or if they are moving home, it is likely they will need to travel to make these visits.

Hosting a virtual tour on your school’s website can make it a lot easier for prospective parents/ carers to choose their top 2 schools to dedicate an in person visit to.

Not only that, having an online tour gives parents/ carers the opportunity to view the school at their own convenience. This could be one evening or even over the weekend. They could even view multiple times!